Maker’s Muse 60K Subscriber Prizes

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1st prize – Cetus 3D Printer Extended Version

The Cetus is a fantastic, compact 3D Printer and just what you need to get your start in 3D Printing! This version has an extended build height to 300mm! Big thanks to Cetus3D for providing this prize. Learn more here –

2nd prize – Simplify3D License

This slicing software is one of the most powerful available, and will kickstart your ability to design awesome objects and print them out. Simplify3D allows customisable support structures, multiple processes and supports hundreds of 3D Printers. Big thanks to Simplify3D for providing this prize. Learn more here –

3rd prize – Maker’s Muse 3D Printing Pack

This gift pack will contain sample filaments, prints, tools and a very special maker coin as a way of saying thanks for your awesome support! Shipped anywhere in the world.

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