Here’s some of the extras I have purchased for 3D Printing with links to Amazon

sourcingmap® 10mm 7M Cable Wire Organizer Spiral Wrapping Band, great for cable management this is a must to keep your 3d printer working, if you don’t keep a eye on the cables and they short you will be buying a new printer.

All Trade Direct 100 X White Cable Ties 300Mm X 4.8Mm Zip Tie Wraps again for cable management.

SOLOOP 127pcs Heat Shrink Tubing Tube Sleeving Kit Wire Wrap Assortment Shrink Sleeve to repair cable joins.

Pasow 100 PCS Self Adhesive Car Cable Tie Cable Clips Cable Drop Wire Holder Organizer 13*9.2*5.6 MM – Black to keep cables nice and neat inside your 3d printer.

Pritt Jumbo Glue Stick – 90 g used on the bed to help filament stick

3D printer ReprapMK2 heating beds Tempered Borosilicate Glass Plate Suitable for reprap machine heating circuit board,213*200*3mm , a upgrade for the Da Vinci Pro works very well and just the correct size.

28098 Pen Pencil Gas Blow Torch Piezo Ignition Butane 1300°C / 2400°F Jet / Normal, if your hot end gets a block you may need to take it off and heat to clear the blockage.

sourcingmap 10 Pcs Air Pneumatic 4mm to 4mm Straight Push in Connectors Quick Fittings, spares for your 3d printer

Dirtygal 150mm/6inch LCD Digital Electronic Carbon Fiber Vernier Caliper Gauge Micrometer, good to check the dimensions of your prints.

Elmers/X-Acto Elmer’s Washable School Glue Stick-Purple -.77oz, used for the bed to help filament stick.

Sourcingmap a13080200ux0296 6.9-inch Plastic Handle Brass Bristle Wire Brush – White (10 Pieces) clean the hot end of any filament.

Q Connect 32mm Foldback Clip (Pack of 10) used to hold the glass bed.

Air Compressor M5 Thread to 4mm Hole Push in Quick Coupler Joint 10Pcs, spares for your 3d printer.

SODIAL(R) 200mmX30m 20cm 100ft Kapton Tape High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide BGA used to help filament to stick I have not had much luck with this its quite hard to fit(need water)

ScotchBlue Painter’s Masking Tape Original Multi-Surface, 48mm x 55m (2090-48A) – 1 roll, again you can cover your bed to help filament to stock.